About Chili Pepper’s Tanning & Wellness

Jeff and Charise Davis founded Chili Pepper’s Tanning & Wellness in 2002. They were high school sweethearts and have been together since they were 15 & 17 years old. Shortly after starting their family, they purchased their first tanning salon across from the subdivision where they lived. Together, they worked this store from open to close taking turns between watching the kids and working at the salon. Fast-forward, they now own 19 corporate locations and 11 franchises. Their two adult children, Jeff II and Haley, have taken interest in the family business and now own 5 of their own Chili Pepper’s Tanning & Wellness salons. The Davis’s have 1 General Manager, 1 Regional Manager, 3 District Managers, 19 Store Managers, and anywhere between 80-95 sales associates, with future plans of expanding the business by adding more locations and staff!


Chili Pepper's Tanning
Chili Pepper's Tanning
Chili Pepper's Tanning Owners, Jeff and Cherise Davis

The entire staff is Smart Tan trained and certified, as well as Sunless certified, with continuous education throughout the year to ensure they are always on top of the most up-to-date information in tanning safety and technology. Being well educated helps them recommend the most effective way to help you achieve the look you want and maximize your tanning results.

So… why tan anywhere else?! At Chili Pepper’s Tanning & Wellness, you will always find the HOTTEST BULBS!!! HOTTEST DEALS!!! and DARKEST TANS!!! If you find a better deal anywhere else, please bring it in and we will be happy to beat it by $5. Come on in and let us help you “SPICE” up your tan!!!

Our Team

Davis Family

Jeffrey Davis
Owner/Social Media Designer & Analyst

Haley Davis
Reporting & Financial Manager

Charise Davis

Jeff Davis

Chili Pepper's Tanning & Wellness Upper Management

Upper Management

Lindsay White
General Manager/Airbrush Technician
(Senior Upper Management)

Shelby Wolf
Regional Manager/Airbrush Technician
(Senior Upper Management)

Chili Pepper's Tanning & Wellness District Managers

District Managers