Why Tan?

Jan 10, 2023

Why Tan?


When prepping for a vacation where you’ll be in the sun, we suggest coming in to UV tan for a least 1 month before your trip. You’ll want to come in on a regular basis and tan about 3-4 times per week. You will want to start off in our level 3 to help prepare your skin to receive real sunlight and protect from burning. The level 3 is an equal amount of UVA and UVB rays which will help increase your skin’s melanin production and build a base tan. You will need a salon approved tanning lotion as well. Its most ideal to start with an intensifier or natural bronzer to build a nice, streak free base tan. We always suggest starting off with half time or less. You’ll want to come back to back the first couple days and increase your time slowly by only 1-2 minutes each session. Once you work your way closer to the full time, we suggest about every other day. After the first week or two of building your base tan, you’ll then want to jump into some high pressure equipment which is going to be our levels 4 & 5. These levels are primarily UVA which will bronze all of the melanin you’ve created in the lower level for a deeper, darker, longer lasting tan. During your last week of tanning before your vacation, we suggest switching your lotion up as well. You’ll want to move up to something with a dark DHA bronzer for some deep results that will prolong throughout your trip. While on vacation, it is still super important to be wearing an SPF to protect your skin from burning. You can layer your SPF with your favorite salon approved tanning lotion for best results. Please keep in mind, our salon approved lotions do not contain SPF and that its still important to wear one even when UV tanning prior. To keep your skin hydrated and your tan maintained throughout your trip, we suggest our Hemp Nation tan extenders. These will prolong your color while adding moisture for 24 hours. These lotions also come in hand in case anyone does encounter a sunburn. The pure Hemp Seed will help calm the redness and replenish the skin.

Special Occasions & Events

The best way to achieve those perfect last minute going out glowing results would be with our margarita mix. Our margarita mix is going to be 1 session of level 5 high pressure tan and 1 Versa Spa Pro spray tanning session. When coming in for this, you’ll want to shower, shave and exfoliate the skin and wear loose fitted clothing. By jumping into a level tanning session first, you’ll add a little base color to the skin and open up the pores for your spray to set nice and evenly. Next, you’ll choose from 3 shades and 3 levels our Versa Spa Pro has to offer based of off your skin type and the desired results your looking to achieve. Your tanning consultant will set you up with the suggested tanning time, Versa shades, and prep products for optimal results. Once you’ve completed your margarita mix, you’ll want to wait 4-8 hours before showering. We suggest coming in 1-2 days prior of your event for best results!

Another option would be our custom airbrush tanning session with a certified technician. This application of spray tanning will provide you with seamless results and we can fill in tan lines and focus on specific areas of the body. The technician will spray you in about 7-10 different positions to ensure full coverage color. For this spray tan, it will be the same prep as the Versa Spa Pro. The color will last about 7-10 days.

Skin Conditions

UV tanning is beneficial for many skin conditions. It can help with psoriasis, eczema, acne, stretch marks etc. UV booths are often dermatologist recommended to help calm these skin conditions down. We suggest using a lower level (2-3) for this. Depending on the targeted area, we will recommend a bed or stand up. Stand ups focus more on the upper body and beds focus more on the lower body. You will typically want to come in 1-2 times per week. There is one lotion we suggest when using for super sensitive skin and these specific conditions. Swedish Beauty Bontanica Shea You Love Me is a hypoallergenic, fragrance free, Paraben free and 95% natural. This lotion is packed with shea butter, oatmeal, vitamins and hydrating and nourishing ingredients for sensitive, dry skin. Always consult with a medical professional for your specific skin condition.

Seasonal Depression

We all know the Winter Blues can be a real thing, especially here in Michigan. During the cold months of the year, our body’s lack vitamin D. This causes us to feel down in the dumps. Vitamin D is essential for mental health, physical performance, immune health and so much more. Coming in for some UV light during the winter will really help you feel better! It will release your endorphins and dopamine naturally and of course add a beautiful glow to your skin. When coming in for some vitamin D, any level of UV tanning will provide you with some. You will see faster results in our high pressure levels and the color will last much longer.

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