Airbrush Tanning

What is Airbrush Tanning?

Tanning occurs when the skin produces pigment to protect itself from UV rays and permanent skin damage. In airbrush tanning, the tanning solution is applied by a technician using a compressor and airbrush. These tanning solutions contain the active ingredient DHA that reacts with the outer layer of skin to produce a bronzing effect, similar to what a traditional tan does. It must be emphasized that the pigments resulting from an airbrush tan do not provide UV protection. For most solutions, the color of the skin will continue to darken after the initial application, and the maximum color is reached within about a 12 hour period (exactly what to expect from a particular tanning solution will be specified on the website and/or the solution directions). Typical solutions also have a bronzer that provides an immediate tan effect and helps the technician to distinguish areas of the skin that have the solution already applied. The majority of this bronzer will be washed off when showering after application.

How to prepare for Airbrush Sessions

  • EYou will need to shower, shave and exfoliate your skin. Avoid sulfate (salt) scrubs/body washes as these will dry out your skin and strip your spray tan.
  • EUse a body scrub and/or luffa on your entire body.
  • EShave prior to sunless tanning as it is another form of exfoliation as it takes off the top layer of your skin.
  • EDo not apply the following products to your skin before arriving; makeup, perfume, deodorant, or lotion.
  • EWear loose-fitting clothing to prevent the solution from rubbing off. Remove all jewelry before coming in to prevent any unwanted tan lines.
  • EDon’t forget to wear/bring proper clothing weather permitting.

Aftercare for Airbrush Sessions

  • EWait a minimum of 6-8 hours and a max of 24 hours before you shower, sweat or get wet. These activities may result in decreased results.
  • EYour first shower should be a lukewarm rinse. Avoid long, hot showers, baths or jacuzzis. You will see your excess bronzers wash off, but don’t worry! This is NOT washing off your spray tan! The delayed bronzers have developed.
  • EMake sure you are always using sulfate-free body washes! We recommend our sulfate-free Hemp Nation Body Washes available in many different fragrances!
  • EOnce you get out of the shower, make sure to pat your skin dry to keep the bronzers from coming off.
  • EMoisturize daily to ensure your color lasts as long as possible!
  • EYour color may last up to 2 weeks!

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