The different types of lotions and the effects on different skin types

Aug 23, 2022

If you’d like to achieve a golden, even tan while tanning indoors, you’ll want to apply the right type of tanning lotion before you begin. There are a range of different types of indoor tanning lotions available, but they all have different purposes and results. It is important for indoor tanners to select the right lotion for their specific needs.

The different types of lotions and the effects on different skin types


Intensifies are a white-based lotion that will help build your base tan. It will tan your skin to its darkest, natural pigment without any added bronzers. All intensifiers contain a natural ingredient called Tyrosine that stimulates melanin production while a melanin activated peptide helps give an added color boost by stimulating the activity of Tyrosinase for a longer lasting glow. We recommend intensifiers for new tanners trying to build a base tan. A few intensifiers we carry at all corporate salons are Visionary, Triple Threat, Versus Intensifier, and many more!

Natural Bronzer

Choosing a natural bronzer will promote natural, dark color development with an immediate bronze glow. This type of lotion contains natural, brown based ingredients such as caramel, henna, banana, or black walnut shell to give you both immediate and delayed results. Natural bronzers are streak-free and stain-free, and the color will last 1-2 days. A few of the natural bronzers we carry at all corporate salons are Sahara Jewel, JWOWW Fitspiration, Tattle Tail, and many more!

DHA Bronzer

This specific lotion type of indoor tanning lotion contains a high-level of DHA blended with Erythrulose. This blend will deliver streak-free and immediate results, as well as gradual results that develop for several hours after the session. Color from using this indoor tanning lotion will last 5-7 days, and continue to develop for a full 24 hours.. You must apply evenly, wipe your hands after application, and wait 4-6 hours to shower, sweat, and get wet in order to avoid streaking. A few DHA bronzers we carry at all corporate salons are Supernova, Misbehaved, LVX and many more!


Tingle lotions include a natural ingredient called Niacin that increases blood flow and brings it to the surface of your skin to give you a deeper, darker tan. This is a natural reaction on the skin called microcirculation and nothing to be concerned about, however, side effects can be red and itchy. Never use any tingle products on your face! Also, we do not advise parents to use this product if you are breastfeeding or holding a child skin to skin. It will transfer onto their skin and produce the same effect, which can be uncomfortable for children. These products are also not advised for new tanners. A couple tingle lotions we carry at all corporate salons are So Shameless and Bombshell.

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